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Ways to Rest while Travelling

Ways to Rest while Travelling

When travelling on a bus, take the time to get some quality sleep — especially if you plan to be on the road for some time. Going on a trip can disrupt your sleep patterns, more so when travelling with other people who distract you from resting. To enjoy your trip (especially if there’s some sightseeing involved), use these suggestions to help recharge while on the bus.


Prepare for sleeping on the bus with these tips:

 Ways to Rest while Travelling


  • Bring a pillow

Head support when napping makes a difference in your quality ofrest. Bring a portable neck pillow to support your head; this puts you in a more comfortable position to fall (and stay) asleep more easily. If you need to pack lightly, bring an inflatable pillow to save on space and weight.


  • Take earplugs and eyemask 

Your friends, coworkers, or family may interfere with the ability to sleep on the bus. If it’s too bright (e.g. a seatmate wants to read), bring an eyemask to keep the light out of your eyes. To handle noise, bring earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones to block out ambient sounds or listen to music yourself.


 Ways to Rest while Travelling


  • Follow normal bedtime routines

Stick to your regular sleep schedule as much as possible, even while on a trip. The body tends to wind down when you perform usual pre-bedtime tasks. If possible, allocate some time to relaxing and readying yourself for sleep on the bus. Take advantage of the coach’s onboard washroom and brush teeth, clean your face, and follow your usual nighttime routine.


  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol when travelling to reserve your energy. Caffeine is a stimulant, and can make you feel wired. A nightcap before sleeping might help you relax, but too many drinks can wear off and leave you unable to close your eyes again.


 Ways to Rest while Travelling


  • Stay hydrated

Keeping hydrated helps you avoid travel fatigue; drink plenty of water before and during the trip to stay well-rested.


  • Wear comfortable clothes

Falling asleep is much easier if you feel comfortable. Wear loose, comfortable clothes that won’t irritate the skin. If you will be on the bus for some time, choose attire (and shoes or slippers) you can wear comfortably for hours.


 Ways to Rest while Travelling


  • Take meds if necessary

In case you need extra help falling asleep on the bus, take medication prescribed by your trusted family doctor. The right sleeping aids can help sleep, but not so thoroughly that you can’t wake up quickly if necessary.

Trying to rest on a bus can be tricky, but there are ways to make it more comfortable. If you expect to do some sightseeing or walking, these tips can help replenish so can get up and move. And, if you rent a coach from a reputable service, you’ll have reclining seats and plenty of legroom.

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