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Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Bus

Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Bus

Motion sickness is never pleasant, whether on a plane, car, or bus. The problem can be made worse in a vehicle if the road is bumpy or if your perception is otherwise at odds with the vehicle’s motion. To avoid nausea, follow these tips to make the trip a pleasant one.


Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Bus


  • Sit near the front

If you are prone to travel sickness, sit near the front of the bus as close as possible to the driver. This is a stable part of the bus that is less affected by changes in motion. Sitting up front makes it easier for your body to coordinate feeling the curves and speed of the road with what you see.

  • Keep eyes on the horizon 

Finding a fixed point on the horizon helps stabilize your body’s perception of motion, preventing nausea. This works best if you look toward the direction the bus is travelling; looking to the side or behind the bus confuses your body and adds to feelings of nausea.


Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Bus


  • Stabilize your head 

Stabilizing your head can be difficult if travelling on a bumpy road. Bring a neck pillow to keep your head from bouncing. This will help steady your skull and eyes and make it easier to focus on a single point.

  • Avoid reading 

Car sickness can be worsened when you focus on objects inside the vehicle, including books. Reading or playing on your phone heightens the disconnection between eyes and body. A book or device will follow the motion of the bus as it travels, straining your eyes. Some people only experience car sickness when reading.


Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Bus


  • Stay cool

Fresh air or circulated air helps alleviate symptoms like nausea. A well-appointed coach bus has adjustable vents to allow the air conditioning to hit your face. When you make a stop, step outside and stretch your legs.

  • Nap

One good way to avoid car sickness and pass the time is to take a nap. When sleeping in a comfortable reclining seat, your eyes will be closed, avoiding any contradiction between your vision and the inner ear.


Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness on a Bus


  • Distract yourself 

Take your mind off motion sickness by finding a distraction. Listening to music is a good option as it is easy to lose yourself in the music. Another option is playing games with other passengers. Chewing mint or ginger gum may also be a good distraction that also relieves nausea.

These methods are reliable ways of relieving motion sickness without relying on drugs. However, in severe cases you can find over-the-counter medication to help with symptoms and enjoy a more relaxing trip.

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