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Party Bus VS Party Limo

Birthday Ideas: Ride an Incredible Party Bus

Take a second to think back to your most memorable parties. What do all your favorite party moments have in common? One of the first things you’re likely to remember are you friends. Friends make for a great, memorable party. You might also recall the occasion that you were celebrating. Perhaps it was a girl’s weekend up in wine country, a bachelor party for a wedding. Special occasions also make for epic celebrations. The last thing you are likely to remember is the venue. An epic venue can really add to the party ambiance. The good news is that you don’t need to wait for the stars to align for you next epic party moment that includes friends, a special occasion and an epic venue. You can simply rent a party bus! And for all the reasons mentioned above, you should definitely rent a party bus over a party limo. Here’s why:

Room For Your Friends

A party bus has a built in advantage — room for the people you care about. Not only can you pack more of your buddies in a bus, you can roam around freely interacting with all of them. In a limo, you have to worry about space and seating arrangements. You only get to interact with the person sitting next to you.

The Bar

Birthday Ideas: Ride an Incredible Party Bus

A party bus allows everyone to come and go to in the bar area, making their own drinks to their liking. While a limo has a bar, the person sitting next to it becomes the de facto bartender for the evening whether they like it or not.

The Dance Floor

Party buses have so much room that you and your friends can dance the night away, never get off the bus and have the time of your life. The energy in a limo is intermittent. You get out of the limo, drink and dance, only to get right back into the confines of the limo. Tip – bring a pair of dancing socks so you can dance on the seats of the party bus.

Long Trips and The Bathroom Break

Party buses are made for travel. If you have a super long itinerary, visiting wineries that are spread out or taking a long road trip, then you definitely need a party bus. The space and the built in bathroom make longer trips far more comfortable. Everyone’s locked inside a limo and you’ll need to stop to pee.

The Cost

You can pack more friends into a party bus. That means more people are paying, which lowers the cost of you epic celebration.

The Verdict

A party bus gives you many advantages over a limo, especially when it comes to the big three party must-haves — friends, a special occasion and an epic venue. Renting a party bus will ensure festivities that you and your friends will never forget. The Parkinson’s family bus company has been in the busing business since 1922 and you can call the Toronto-based party bus rental company at 905-451-4776.

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