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How Choose the Best Bus Rental Option – Minibus or Regular Motor Coach

How Choose the Best Bus Rental Option - Minibus or Regular Motor Coach

How do we know when to rent a minibus or a chartered coach? There are many factors which determine our need for different types of transportation. A minibus is useful for short trips with small groups of people. A larger excursion can be undertaken with a large motor coach. Looking for the best bus service in Toronto means knowing your needs and being able to find the company that best serves them.

The Minibus

This mode of transport is ideal when you need to transport a small number of people where a standard minivan might not do the job. It may be too small although a bus may be too large. This is where the minibus shines in comparison to coach buses. These minibuses seat up to 15 to 25 people comfortably. They are also perfect for day trips and camping. Many bus companies can recommend the right minibus for any event. They are a common option for individuals who are looking to travel in a medium sized group, but not needing to seat more than 30.

Several important things to consider are length of trip, amenities needed, and the number of people that may be using these amenities during the course of the trip. For example, there are some features lacking in minibuses. They often lack compartments for luggage, whether underneath or overhead. This space is replaced by a storage area in the back of the bus. These vehicles have a central aisle for boarding, but no beds or larger seating areas which are typical of coach buses. Larger groups may require a regular coach bus.


Regular Bus Coaches

These charter buses are typical for long trips that may last several days or longer.

Deluxe motor coaches are a popular option for those with larger groups. Bands that go on tour, church groups, and performing arts groups with large parties typically hire these types of buses. They can come with amenities such as beds and areas for food, and contain bathrooms in the back. These buses aim to provide comfort during long distance travel. So, it is best to estimate the length of your trip and size of the group to assess if a motor coach is needed.

Traveling by deluxe motor coach is also an environmentally friendly way to do long distance travel within a country. Regular buses can vary in size, however deluxe motor coaches usually possess seating for 47 – 57 passengers, using comfortable seating with high back recliners, restrooms, television that is equipped with DVD and even Wi-Fi. Depending upon the company, more amenities are sometimes included, and variable pricing options are available for those who may not need certain features. This mode of travel beats airplanes when it comes to scenic views and quality group time as well.

Both minibuses and regular coaches can come with hired drivers. These are professionals who are used to navigating a large vehicle across long stretches of terrain. This is important to safety and handling. At Parkinson Coach we aim to provide the best bus rental for your trip no matter the occasion. Having a variety of minibuses and regular coaches for hire, we have many years of experience in hiring out the best quality buses at reasonable prices.

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