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School Bus Safety Priorities

How Riding a Bus Can Help Children Make Friends

School bus service has grown to be more and more popular and a necessity for every school which is mostly preferred by parents since they value and entrust their child’s safety to the school bus driver knowing their child will be transported safely to school on time and be at home after school hours. Aside from that, with the school bus service, parents can save more time and effort in sending their child to school and be spared from also being late at their work.

School buses are now the most popular and preferred form of transportation especially among the students. The concept of having school buses started way back in the early 1900s. Many students, particularly children relied their transportation on these buses. Since accidents may also happen upon school buses, it is important that the bus company, school, as well as the driver should practice and undergo trainings for safety standards since many lives are being put at risk all the time.

Schools and bus companies must first ensure the safety and welfare of the students and must see to it that they follow the school bus protocol regarding safety issues. School buses should be recognizable even from a distance so that other drivers may know that children are on board. The buses should pass the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and must follow the rules which consist of the presence of rear-view mirrors so that the driver is fully aware of the visibility in all areas and aspects when handling the bus. School buses should have reflective devices or stickers so that the bus will be recognizable by other motorists particularly during night time travels. Lastly, a school bus should have emergency exits so that children can easily get out in case of any related emergencies. A bus should also have a roll-over protection to ensure structural strength. These buses should be regularly maintained particularly the machines and breaks in order to prevent any accidents in the road.

We at Parkinson Coach Lines can greatly give assurance with regards to transportation needs and safety. Since our operation in 1922, we already established trust and comfort during transportation services particularly on our school buses. The security of every passenger is our main concern and parents can be rest assured that their children are in good hands.

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