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The Two B’s you need to Remind Your Children when on Board a Bus


Do you pay attention to safety when you travel? Do you buckle up at all times? Do you use seat belts even if you are just a passenger and not a driver? Do you remind your kids to follow safety instructions while on transit?

It has been widely observed that most drivers really wear seat belts but most passengers’ especially in big buses or even on taxis tend to ignore it. Some people would find wearing a seat belt uncomfortable and some think of it as a hassle. A great number of people seem to have a wrong notion of safety that they tend to be so complacent that they don’t really need to secure their safety while on board a moving vehicle. Most often than not, the drivers usually request the wearing of seat belts however there are times when they also fail to remind the passengers.

Failure to wear seat belts is also noted to be common not only among young people but also among people riding in the backseat of a car be it young or old. How about you? When driving, do you ask your passengers to wear the safety gears? When the passenger is your son or daughter, what are the two things that you will always post as a reminder?

There are two B’s that one should not forget to remind their children and they are as follows:

The Two B’s you need to Remind Your Children when on Board a Bus

Buckle –up

Whether you are the one driving your child to school by your own car or he is taking the school bus, you have to constantly remind him to wear a seat belt for security reasons. It may be hard for little ones to understand but your constant reminder will take root and the importance of safety and security while riding will be instilled in his young mind.


It is crucial to always instruct children to behave and not to roam around while the bus is moving. There are many instances that the bus or car may have to pull into a sudden stop or might have to negotiate an emergency turn. It is important that the child will remain in his or her seat.

These two reminders are also quick and easy for children to recall, so always consider it your call to remind your kids so they’ll never fall.

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