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School Bus Safety

School Bus Service Parkinson Coach Lines Brampton Ontario Canada Safety Tips that You Must Teach to Your Kids:

1. Make sure to that the kids wait for their bus to come on the footway and not in the road.

2. Tell the kids to pay attention and not play around with their friends while waiting for the bus to come. The kids must behave until the bus has halted and the doors have opened before stepping on the curb. Make sure that the kids are few meters away from the wheels. Keep in mind that even though you see the bus coming, it does not necessarily mean that the driver of the bus sees you.

3. While in the bus, the kids must sit still and be seated during the entire ride. They must face forward and refrain from putting things in the aisles. They must also keep their arms especially their heads inside the bus. Tell the kids to always follow what the school bus driver is saying.

4. Be sure to instruct the kids to prepare their things the moment that they are near the school. Tell them to make use of the handrails while going out of the bus and be cautious on the backpacks from dangling other things.

5. Once the kids are off the bus, they must take huge steps away from the school bus and be free from the danger prone areas.

6. Be sure to instruct the kids not to run if they forgot some things inside the bus or if they have dropped something under or near the school bus.


How Should You Ensure the Safety of Your Kids?

1. Reassure your kids that you will not get mad if they forgot some of their things inside the school bus or if they have dropped something under the bus.

2. Take away all the loose strings hanging from the clothing of your kids. Inspect the backpack for any key chains and other things that will dangle into the handrails or doors.

3. Suggest to the school principal to have bus safety classes for their students and include at least 1 or 2 evacuation drills every school year.

4. Make sure the kids are already outside your home 5 minutes before the arrival of the bus. A lot of kids are getting injured because they tend to hurry in order to catch a moving bus.

5. If the weather condition is not good or if it is already late in the afternoon, make sure to tell your kids to wear a reflective or bright clothing, so that the bus driver can see them.