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View From The Top: See the Great Lakes the Canadian Way

View From The Top: See the Great Lakes the Canadian Way

Super-Man-Helps-Every-One: Yes, if you live in Metropolis (wherever that is). In reality, this phrase is a mnemonic device to remember the names of the Great Lakes, a grand North American marvel and attraction for travelers to Canada. Whether you are a local enjoying a staycation or an avid terrain tourist, the view of the great lakes (Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ohio) from the northern side is nothing less than spectacular.

Niagara Falls

View From The Top: See the Great Lakes the Canadian Way

From the East, the Falls are nestled between Lakes Ontario and Erie. The bustling vibrato of the 13-story wonder is felt not only near the rushing waters but in the surrounding township. This is unique stop expertly curated to feature some of the best dining, art, entertainment, and shopping in the region. You may also wish to visit the Butterfly Conservatory, or take in a world-class theatrical experience at the nearby Shaw Festival.

The Wine Trail

View From The Top: See the Great Lakes the Canadian Way

Get the even more out of your visit and take an afternoon or evening tour along the “Wine Route.” Experience great Canadian wineries marked by their local origins and make sure to try the local specialty, ice wine. Its sweet, earthy flavor is only matched by its rich texture and richer history.

Pelee Island

Before leaving Lake Erie behind, explore the unmatched natural beauty of Pelee Island. It is a major migratory destination where beautiful and rare bird species often stop on their way across the northern hemisphere.

“The Big Smoke”

Moving inland, Toronto rests snugly against the shores of Lake Erie. Don’t be fooled by its metropolitan feel, including the intimidatingly tall CN Tower. The city is home to many smaller communities and neighbourhoods with much to offer, including Kensington Market, Leslieville, and “The Village.” The art scene and multicultural cuisine of Toronto make this great city unique.

Lake Huron

View From The Top: See the Great Lakes the Canadian Way

Highway 21 is 140 miles of weaving roads, taking drivers along the shores of Lake Huron and through picturesque rural farmland. If you leave the driving to someone else, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery without worrying about keeping your eyes on the road.

Take a break to stop and indulge the beautiful buildings nestled in destinations like the Village of Bayfield and town of Goderich. Use photos of these magical places to make postcards for family and friends back home and give them a taste of of the the beauty – and a little vacay envy.

Lake Superior

View From The Top: See the Great Lakes the Canadian Way

Round out this fantastic exploratory adventure in Thunder Bay, located on the cusp of Lake Superior’s Western closing. This lovely city is distinguished by its deep culture rooted in both European and Aboriginal origins. Enjoy a show if you stay overnight, and visit Little Finland to take in some Nordic charm. A tour of the amethyst mines is the perfect way to leave a lasting impression at the end of this vibrant journey.

Before planning a trip of this magnitude, decide on your preferred method of travel. A bus or private coach provides comfort and views that are more readily accessible from a higher vantage point.

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