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The Truth About Bus Travel: How to Stay Safe

Girl on tourist bus happy with sunglasses

The image of bus travel for some people is of a rickety, beat up bus picking up homeless looking individuals. The truth is much different, despite what you might see in a movie, or worse, what your Aunt Betty might tell you.

Of course bad things can happen anywhere, including on a bus. Here are some tips to lessen the chances it happens to you.

The Driver


There are two main types of danger, from the driver and from other passengers. If possible, try to speak with the driver, nothing specific but just to make sure he or she is alert. It is a good practice for the driver to know your face if something should go wrong. Also, be aware of the situation, for example, is the bus going too fast for the snow storm you are in? Say something to the driver at the next rest stop. A company like Parkinson Coach Line and Bus Service, Toronto have excellent drivers so this shouldn’t be a problem, but it is good to know the situation. The most common problem on a bus is theft. Store most of your things below the bus, but keep your valuables with you. When selecting a seat, sit as close to the driver as possible. Thieves are less likely to try something if they think the driver can see them. Befriend your seatmate and those around you; they are more likely to speak up if they have a relationship with you.

Sleep in Peace

Making the Most of Long Coach Bus Rides

Many people want to sleep on a bus journey, which increases the chance of theft. When sleeping do not leave your belongings in the overhead storage. Instead, keep the bag with you. In some cases you can use it as a pillow or hold it close like a teddy bear or body pillow. If this is too uncomfortable put it under the seat but wrap the strap around your leg so you will wake up if someone grabs it. I’ve seen others zip tie the bag to the seat, probably unnecessary. Thieves want an easy score, don’t give it to them. A common ploy is for a thief to spill water on the floor and then draw attention to it, making everyone put their bags overhead. This gives them great access, especially at night. Keep your bag with you at all times. During rest stops, take you bag with you. Do not leave it on the seat! This is an invitation to theft.

Exceptions, Not the Rule

Making the Most of Long Coach Bus Rides

I’ve talked about the worst cases in this blog but it is very rare. I’ve taken hundreds of buses all over the world and I’ve never had an issue. Buses are a safe, cheap alternative to flying or driving yourself and can be enjoyable as well. If you need service in the Toronto area look into Parkinson Coach Lines.

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