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Trained Bus Drivers Make School Trips Safe

Trained Bus Drivers Make School Trips Safe

Buses are popular modes of transportation for school trips and daycare outings. If you hire a reputable company, you know you have a professional driver and a well-maintained vehicle. Some parents worry about safety when other people are in charge of transporting their children. These concerns can be allayed with trained and qualified drivers at the wheel.

Skilled bus drivers keep students and passengers safe during a trip by following these guidelines:

Trained Bus Drivers Make School Trips Safe

Dealing with Distractions

Any driver’s foremost responsibility is to stay focused on the road. Distracted drivers put their passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists at risk. School trips are often difficult, because several children are talking at once.

Experienced bus drivers remain focused by:

  • Never wearing headphones or listening to loud music
  • Putting cell phones out of reach and never talking on the phone, sending or reading texts, or looking at directions
  • Having supportive “team members” (like teachers or volunteer parents) to prevent kids from fighting, talking loudly, or creating other distractions
  • Establishing periodic stops to rest, eat, and using the restroom (for long trips)
    Knowing the route and schedule before departing
  • Proper self care is also required of any driver. They get ample sleep, eat balanced meals, and exercise. The less fatigued, restless, or hungry a driver is on a trip, the better they can focus.

Trained Bus Drivers Make School Trips Safe

Cooperating with Students

Full focus on the road requires passengers’/students’ cooperation. Students are more likely to cooperate when treated with respect by a driver, and reminded that their safety is paramount:

  • When possible, the driver learns each student’s name
  • Drivers are friendly and use “please” and “thank you” when making requests, setting a positive example and encouraging children to show similar respect
  • Student body language is observed — drivers try to help if kids show signs of anxiety, anger, or sadness (negative feelings can escalate into distrctions)
  • Students’ personal space is respected when speaking to them, allowing them to feel comfortable talking to the driver


Trained Bus Drivers Make School Trips Safe


Encouraging student cooperation reduces the likelihood of conflict and distractions on a school trip, and experienced, professional drivers know how to create a safe environment.

If you need a rental bus with a professional, skilled driver for your next school trip in Toronto, contact Parkinson Coach Lines at (905) 451-4776. Passenger safety is our priority.