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Which Suits Your Group: a School Bus or a Tour Bus?

Take time to observe your town’s intersection or highway roads. Have you seen buses, and are there different sizes and types of them cruising in your area? Have you observed one that is slick and stylish? Have you ridden one? If not, have you asked yourself what it feels riding on one?

School Bus or a Tour BusYou may also have seen the yellow buses that travel kids to and from school. Have seen them waving in their windows, and have you had a memory to recall of your riding one? Or if you have not ridden one, did you imagine riding one when you were still a kid?

You may have then concluded a little observation, tying the features of a tour bus to that of a school bus: a school bus is made and created for business purposes and adult passengers. It is similar to that of a tour bus since it is being rented by many various groups for their group travels. However, the school bus is not that luxurious as compared to most tour buses, whose classy style can be seen even in the gleam of its wheels.

Most of these buses will also be painted in a variety of colors. Some of them are shaped like any ordinary school bus, yet are typically colored white or in any simple color so it sets them apart from the school buses that drop off the kids at their homes.

What then are the differences we can consider?

School Bus or a Tour BusWhat we can see as the obvious telling part, aside from the color, between a bus rental against a tour bus are the various price ranges. The fancy and luxurious feel of tour buses makes them rank higher on the price range. They typically also have features which you cannot see in a school bus, like restrooms, sleeping quarters and lavish entertainment systems.

The time period of travels is another telling part. For longer trips, tour buses are usually rented. School buses on the other hand, are rented for shorter and nearer trips.

For seating capacity, school buses have the upper hand, which can have more passenger options as compared to a tour bus. You can have a smaller bus to carry at most 15 persons, or a large bus that can travel up to 30 individuals. Tour buses don’t have that flexibility in the seating capacity, since they are usually large.

How to Make a Decision

When choosing between a tour bus and a school bus rental, make sure that the following are considered by your group:
· The total number of people travelling
· The total budget your group can afford
· The total distance to travel

The number is the utmost concern, but the cost should come after it. You need all the room for everyone to have a seat on the trip, yet it is not in your part to spend on more seating on which you cannot use.

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