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Best Snacks to Serve on a Bus Trip

snack on bus

Planning a charter bus trip requires more than hiring a bus; you also have to think about your passengers’ needs. On a long trip, everyone can go hours between meals, and limited space makes eating some foods impossible. Here are some convenient, easy-to-eat foods while travelling.

Some of the best snacks for bus trips include:

  • Cheese sticks – Bus travel can be exhausting, especially if it’s a long trip. Cheese sticks contain protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates that can increase energy levels. This makes them an excellent choice if passengers need to stay alert and active during the trip.cheese sticks
  • Sandwiches – Sandwiches are a portable and flexible choice for passengers. Bread (especially whole wheat) provides carbohydrates for a more filling meal. Meat like turkey or chicken provides a source of protein, while avocado and tofu can be great choices for vegetarian options. Although peanut butter is a source of protein and healthy fats, it should not be present on the bus if you have passengers with nut allergies.sandwich
  • Carrot sticks – A healthy alternative to chips, carrot sticks can fill your stomach without having to worry about sodium and transfat content. They are also more convenient to eat in the confined space of a bus.carrot stick
  • Granola or protein bars – These snacks can usually be found at rest stops. Choose bars made with whole and minimally-processed ingredients. Ones that have at least 8 grams of protein and less than 12 grams of sugar are also preferable.protein bar
  • Fruit – Fruit contains plenty of fibre, natural sugars, and vitamins to keep you awake and energized during the trip. Dried fruit can also be an excellent option, if whole fruit is not available.fruits
  • Water – Staying in a low-humidity space like a bus for long periods of time can dehydrate, making passengers feel fatigued or nauseous. Stock up on water and take regular stops to keep everyone on board hydrated. Caffeinated drinks can be problematic, limit consumption of coffee, tea, and soda during the drive.

Food served on a bus trip needs to be portable for ease of eating and cleaning. Charter bus services prohibit some foods that create excessive waste (e.g. donuts and chips), or cause strong allergic reactions in some passengers (e.g. nuts). Contact your bus service about what foods may be served on the ride.

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