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6 Awesome Things You Have to See at Ripley’s Aquarium Canada

6 Awesome Things You Have to See at Ripley's Aquarium Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium Canada has tons of awesome features you can’t see anywhere else. From colorful jellyfish to graceful rays to scary sharks, you’ll be amazed at the aquarium’s awesome array of ocean life. Check out the list below for must-see exhibits.

1. Discovery Centre

This awesome play area is fun for all ages. Pop into a viewing bubble to get up close and personal with the fish. You can also play on slides and touch real live horseshoe crabs!

2. Ray Bay

Here you can view some of the ocean’s most graceful animals as they glide and “fly” around their habitat. Be sure to catch the aquarium’s trainers feeding the rays right out of their hands during the daily dive show.

3. Shoreline Gallery

Learn about rays and sharks in the most hands-on way possible: by actually petting them! Get closer to these amazing animals than ever before while learning about them from aquarium educators.

4. Dangerous Lagoon

This exhibit is an experience you’ll never forget. Stand on a moving walkway as it winds through an underwater tunnel. Be amazed as fearsome sharks, unique fish, and majestic sea turtles swim all around you.

5. Planet Jellies

You’ll feel like you’re in a piece of art when you visit this gallery. Jellyfish of all swirl and swim all around you. The tanks are backlit with color-changing lights, so you’ll feel like you were transported to another world.

6. Rainbow Reef

This collection of colorful fishes shows off over 100 species from the Indo-Pacific region. Watch a dive show where divers interact with fish of all shapes, sizes, and patterns.


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