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Planning a Trip to Toronto: A Complete Guide

Do some prep work before the trip

Planning a Trip to Toronto: A Complete Guide

Every city has its tourist attractions, and Toronto’s no different. There’s plenty to see and do in Toronto, from festivals to tourist attractions. Like other tourist destinations, there are some things you can do to make your trip more fun and memorable.

Do some prep work before the trip

When to Go

Toronto sits in southern Ontario, which features pretty mild weather for Canada. That said, keep the weather in mind when planning a trip. There’s usually plenty of snow from November through March, which can be great if you’re coming for the skiing. However, the warmer months between spring and fall feature warmer weather and most of the cultural events.

Stock up on Canadian currency


Naturally, the currency used in Toronto is the Canadian dollar. For visitors from the U.S., one Canadian dollar is around 75 cents, which can be a pretty good bargain. Most places do take cards or cash. You’ll probably use 50, 20, or 10 dollar notes, and one- (loonie) and two- (toonie) dollar coins. For small change, Canadians use 25-, 10-, and 5-cent coins. Your bill is rounded up or down by a few cents if the final total is not divisible by five.


There are several transportation options available, but buses are one of the most effective ones. There are airport bus rentals available for tourists to get a convenient and comfortable ride to your destination. It’s also a great way to get places on time since drivers know how to beat the Toronto traffic. If you’re bringing a large group with you, buses also come with the space to accommodate the entire party.

It doesn’t stop there, however. You can also hire a charter bus to get around Toronto. That can save you the trouble of dealing with transportation yourself, especially if you’re not familiar with the city. Charter buses also come with plenty of conveniences (e.g. charging stations and in-trip entertainment).

Another popular service is bus tours around Toronto. It’s a big city, and there’s plenty going on for tourists. Many major attractions are in the suburbs, so there can be plenty of driving involved. A tour bus is a great way to experience the sights without the hassle. You get to take in Toronto’s big attractions in comfort, with the option of taking a large group.

Make an itinerary of all the places to visit

Now that you know something about taking a trip to Toronto, it’s time to talk must-see attractions. Spring just arrived, and with it several places to visit now that everything’s coming back to life. Some of the cool places to visit this spring include:

High Park

Spring means everything gets green again, and that goes for parks. High Park has lots to see come spring, particularly the cherry blossoms. Ever wanted to see the cherry blossoms bloom like in Japan? Then this is the place to be. High Park also features ample activities for children, especially the Jamie Bell playground’s castle play area. There’s also the trackless train, which passes through the park and gives you a scenic view as you go. Alternatively, you can go on a walking tour of the nature trails and enjoy flora and fauna on foot.

Check out Toronto Zoo and the animals within

Toronto Zoo

Animal lovers may love the Toronto Zoo, especially now that the weather’s warming up. The zoo offers six different zones, each filled with animals from all over the world. Bring your kids (if you have kids); there’s an interactive kids’ zoo just for them. Spring also brings an influx of baby animals to add some cuteness to your visit. There can be plenty of walking, so bring comfortable shoes. Think about checking out the African safari and see the animals in their reserves.

Black Creek Pioneer Village

If you’re looking for a place to experience some Canadian history firsthand, this might be the place for you. At Black Creek Pioneer Village, reenactors look and dress the part of 19th century Ontario. There’s a whole replica village to help you experience Canada as it was hundreds of years ago. You can even get hands-on and try your hand at making your own knick-knacks for souvenirs. They also offer guided tours to give visitors a detailed overview of everything in town.

Distillery District

If a historical view of the city is more your cup of tea, swing by the Distillery District. This is a pedestrian-only village showcasing Canadian heritage architecture. It’s also a centre of the cultural scene and features events throughout the year. You’ll find plenty of shops and restaurants here, including a sake brewery and a chocolate factory. If you’re looking for a restaurant spot cum farmer’s market, the St. Lawrence Market is nearby.

The ROM has plenty of exhibits to enjoy

Royal Ontario Museum

If you’re in Yorkville, you can’t miss the Royal Ontario Museum. It’s a jagged, looming structure that’ll grab your attention, at the very least. Go inside, and you’ll find the largest museum in Canada, with over forty galleries to see. Some of the exhibits include a dinosaur skeleton collection, historical artifacts, and a bat cave simulation. There are some interactive exhibits to keep the kids interested, plus it’s a chance for them to learn on the trip.

Market 707

If you fancy yourself a foodie, give Market 707 a visit. It’s a fun street food hub featuring foreign cuisine of all kinds, from Filipino to Afghan. You’ll also find some Canadian favourites like poutine, as well as bubble tea and macarons. If you’re looking for other offerings than food, there are specialty vendors nearby, including boutiques. Most of the stalls at Market 707 are generally open until 7 PM, but hours can depend on the season.

Eaton Centre

Looking for a place to do some shopping? Eaton Centre has you covered. This is one of the largest and most popular shopping destinations in North America. You’ll find over 200 shops to cater to your needs. If you want souvenirs and gifts, give this place a look. Thanks to recent renovations, you’ll find that there’s more than shops here. There’s a large and diverse food court to fill you up after shopping. Keep an eye out for Flight Stop, a stunning mobile of 60 fibreglass geese. It’s visible from multiple levels, and it can give the artistically-inclined something to ponder.

Stop by the CN tower for a bird’s eye view

CN Tower

No trip to Toronto is complete without a stop at the CN Tower. At over 553 metres tall, the tower is one of the tallest freestanding structures in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year. You’ll enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city from the top. Even getting there can be a trip thanks to the glass elevator. You’ll also find that the observation deck features a glass floor, to make the view more exciting. Stop in at the 360-degree restaurant for great food to go with a breathtaking view of Toronto.

There is much to see and do in Toronto, especially during spring. Before planning your trip, think about how you want to make the most of your time. With so many places to visit, reading up on where to go to make your experience more memorable will reduce stress and allow you to better enjoy the moment. Consider your plans regarding money and transportation to and around the city. Airport bus rental is one way to get from Pearson Airport to where you’re staying in downtown, midtown, or uptown Toronto.

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