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Need to Know: Brampton tourist attractions

Parkinson Coach Lines Brampton Ontario Canada

In Brampton, the community relies quite heavily on the historic center, Downtown Brampton. This part of Brampton is more famous than any other part. Having been the marketing center of Brampton since 1853, Downtown Brampton is able to provide a mix of the old and new places that are a mix of fun, business, art, culture, entertainment, and places to eat that are all conveniently located in an environment that is known for being very safe and amazing to look at.

Queen Street Corridor

Being the location known for many different types of businesses and services, the Queen Street Corridor is the place to go for a lot of fun; it is even where the Bramalea City Center is located.

One fact that many people do not know about the Queen Street Corridor and Downtown Brampton is that they actually currently have over 1,500 different types of services and organizations. They also have many different types of cultural attractions, parks, churches and events for the community. There are also different types of buses that can guide you around Brampton.

Four Corners

Most of the bigger banks that are in Brampton can found at the ‘Four Corners’, this is located on the streets Main and Queen. The Four Corners is known for being the center for financial business in Brampton. The downtown area of Brampton also is home to the main source of office space in the city, with over one million in square feet of space for offices that are actually centered within just a couple of blocks. Storefront space in the downtown area of Brampton accounts for over 450,000 sq ft of the area. It doesn’t matter whether you come during the winter, or during the summer, the downtown area is so full of life year-round that no one will be missing out on any fun. Some of the things that you are able to enjoy while there as a resident or visitor are:

1. Classic Cars & Legendary Stars

2. Gage Park skating

3. Entertainment for New Year’s Eve

4. Brampton Farmers’ Market

5. Parades

Main Street

The Main Street of Downtown Brampton is known for all of its eating establishment, shopping, and services. The amusement choices are endless, with places like shops for decor and dresses to the Rose Theater Brampton.

All about The Rose Theater Brampton

Having opened their doors for the first time in the year 2006, the Rose Theater Brampton has actually been opened for 9 seasons and is going into their 10th soon. The Rose Theater Brampton was actually founded to create a similar theme to the Rose Theater of Shakespearean times. The Rose Theater has actually become one of the most popular spots to visit in downtown Brampton, the theatre has 100 seats in Studio Two and the Main Hall has 868 seats in it.

Bus Tour Services


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