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Make Road Trips Fun! Charter a Bus


Road trips can be a lot of fun, especially when you take them with friends and family. There’s nothing quite like being on the road with people you care about, sharing laughter and conversation, with miles of road stretched ahead of you. Memories are made as your group has new adventures and sees new sights.

When it comes to choosing the mode of transportation for your trip, most people choose to take their own vehicle. Then, they have to think about cleaning it, getting a tune-up, tires rotated, fluids changed, and making sure there’s room for everyone on the trip. Save yourself the extra work and cost; consider chartering a bus! Here are some great reasons to think about a chartered bus for road trips:

Profitable and Productive Reasons to Book a Bus

It’s cost-effective. If a large number of people are going on the trip, it can be difficult to coordinate several different cars and make stops at the same time. If you factor in cost of fuel and maintenance for several cars travelling great distances, chartering a bus could be considerably cheaper. No matter the size of your party, there are a number of available buses to accommodate you and your companions comfortably.

There’s entertainment. Several buses have in-vehicle entertainment systems to keep you entertained while on the road. Flat screens, DVD players, a sound system, and even WiFi is available on these buses to help make your long trip more enjoyable. Perhaps you could even bring a karaoke DVD and have a sing-along with everyone while enjoying the countryside.

It’s more relaxing. Because trained professionals will be responsible for driving, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the duration of the trip. If you’re going to be in a vehicle for several hours, you may worry about traffic or falling asleep at the wheel. The professional driver keeps passengers safe. Reputable companies have well-maintained vehicles, the drivers are licensed, and they are able to handle the long distance travel with no difficulties.

Making the Most of Long Coach Bus Rides

It offers stress-free travel. Chartering a bus allows you to focus on other parts of the trip, such as the itinerary, stops you wish to make, sharing snacks, and making the trip more memorable for everybody involved. Beyond that, you can avoid multiple stops for “washroom breaks” on a bus with its own facilities.

Room for Luggage and Souvenirs. Another thing that people have to worry about on their road trips is the amount of luggage everyone is going to bring, coolers for food and drink, and how it’s all going to fit. Because of the roomy accommodation above the bus seats and in the cargo area below, this is not an issue. Charter buses also have comfortable seats, allowing ample space for everyone to stretch out and sleep (and never worry about leg room).


Let yourself enjoy your next planned road trip to its full potential by chartering a bus with Parkinson Coach Lines! We will help you make sure that your next planned road trip is a memorable one. Call us today at (905) 451-4776.

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