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The Environment: Why Buses Are Better

Why Buses Are Better

Driving to a holiday destination can be stressful, to say the least. One alternative to that aggravation is renting a bus. Buses are not only more convenient, they can also be more beneficial to the environment. Here are some of the ways buses are environmentally friendly:

1. Decreased Congestion – Buses reduce the number of cars on the roads. Cars are a great contributor to pollution, so having fewer of them giving off exhaust reduces overall levels of pollution, including air and noise.

2. Greater Energy Efficiency – Since buses can carry so many more people than cars, they are more energy-efficient. Riding on buses reduces the carbon footprint of each passenger.




3. Fewer Emissions – Cars and buses both produce carbon emissions, but since buses are more efficient and have greater carrying capacities than cars, fewer emissions are released. If you are concerned about contributing to global warming, using a bus to get to your destination can reduce how much you contribute to rising levels of carbon dioxide.

4. Improved Air Quality – Cars also contribute to smog, which can foul the air, produce acid rain, and cause harm to the lungs of people living in urban areas. Since buses give off fewer emissions, the air also becomes cleaner and healthier for people living in the area.




5. Less Damage to Roads – Traffic congestion causes greater damage to roads since more cars mean more wear and tear. Fewer vehicles on the road causes less damage, resulting in less need for repairs and expansion. Building and repairing roads can cause damage to surrounding land, especially if the community needs to build more roads to accommodate congestion.

6. Fewer Injured Animals – From time to time, cars do hit animals trying to cross a street. A reduction in the number of vehicles on the road means fewer animals are less likely to be killed or injured.




7. Less Fuel Consumed – Fewer cars also means fewer consumers of gas. As gasoline becomes increasingly scarce, it is important to conserve it as much as possible. Buses, being more efficient, use less gas than cars and reduce the number of people who need to buy it themselves.

8. Green Engines – Many buses are increasingly adopting more eco-friendly engines. These green buses use alternative energy sources like solar power or biofuel, which cause less damage to the environment than petroleum.




If you’re planning a holiday trip with a large number of people, consider renting a bus for the group. Buses can be an inexpensive, relaxing, and convenient means of transportation for you.

If you are interested in hiring a bus in the Greater Toronto Area, contact Parkinson Coach Lines at (417) 451-4776 or (905) 451-4776 to get started.