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How Drivers Handle Mechanical Problems


From time to time, mechanical failures happen on buses. In case of an engine issue, don’t panic. Charter bus services and their drivers have procedures in place to keep passengers and other drivers safe. If your bus encounters any mechanical problems, here are some things the driver will do to handle the situation:

  • Come to a stop – To prevent damage to the vehicle, the driver will come to a stop in a safe area and park the bus, gently braking and steering. It’s important for the driver to find a space off the road to avoid being rear-ended by other vehicles. Hazard lights are turned on to alert other drivers. Parking on a flat, paved surface with enough room to back out later is essential.
  • Keep passengers safe – During any mechanical breakdown, passenger safety is the highest priority. If the breakdown causes any health issues to flare up, the driver will call for an emergency response. Depending on the situation, the driver may direct passengers towards the emergency exits. They may also be instructed to stand near the front of the bus for safety reasons.
  • Perform an inspection – A professional driver may have to leave passengers onboard while s/he detects the source of the breakdown. During the inspection, they will be looking for leaks, smoke, or fire that could necessitate an evacuation. If the bus stopped near traffic, the driver will control the area by keeping hazard lights on and putting up traffic cones or road flares to warn others.
  • Communicate – Part of keeping the situation under control involves communicating with passengers to keep them calm. Expert drivers will give updates and instructions to make the experience easier (including a timeline for repairs and transportation, safety directions, and locations of nearby bathrooms and restaurants). Drivers will also communicate with the bus service to report the problem. A replacement bus will be sent to pick up the passengers.

Part of professional bus driver training involves knowing how to handle mechanical failures. There are procedures for drivers to keep passengers and other drivers safe. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, you are in good hands when you’re on a chartered bus from a reliable company.

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