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Common Complaints of Passengers When Chartering a Bus

32 passenger exterior coach parkinson coach linesMuch as we would want our bus trip to be the most pleasant one, there will always be unexpected events that can be very irritating and even ruin an otherwise great adventure. According to surveys, passengers have encountered similar issues or concerns as far as their bus trips were concerned. Knowing these issues may benefit other people who are planning to charter a bus for a long trip. Among the common complaints are the following:

Old or Dirty Buses

Especially during long trips, we all want to feel comfortable and be able to rest as satisfactory as possible. However, this may become difficult if the bus assigned to the group would be an old one or dirty one.

Impolite or Rude Drivers

A lot of passengers have had very bad experiences involving impolite or rude drivers. These are the drivers who rarely smile and can be very offensive when dealing with the customers. Naturally, passengers become hesitant in making any requests or when making inquiries.

Bus Breakdowns

It may be understandable if a bus breaks down due to unexpected circumstances. But if these breakdowns are obviously indicative of poor maintenance, one has every reason to be annoyed or irritated. Nobody wants to wait for long hours just to have the bus repaired or to wait for a replacement bus.

Limited Space for Passengers and Luggage

How can a passenger feel comfortable if leg room is inadequate or seats are squeezed tight? It would be worse if you have to find space near your seat for your luggage since there is not enough space in the overhead rack or elsewhere.

No Change of Drivers

Drivers are not supposed to drive more than 10 hours after an eight-hour off duty. But some companies violate this practice and have their drivers on duty beyond the limit. This can be very dangerous since the driver may fall asleep and of course his or her reflexes would greatly be affected.

Unresponsive Company

Nothing can be more exasperating than a company that is very unresponsive. Along the trip a passenger may have issues or requests to make with the company and these may not be acted promptly if there is no response from the bus company. Even frustrating is a company who does not respond to concerns and issues after the completion of the charter.

Valid Issues and Concerns

These complaints are valid issues that can have a huge effect on your trip or that of your group. It would be advisable to check out these things before finalizing any agreement. And be sure not to rely on the claims and guarantees of their sales people.

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