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The Rules of the Road: How to Drive Safely around a School Bus

When it comes to driving, safety first is a good rule of thumb. When you add school buses to the mix, safety becomes all the more critical. Driving around school buses requires your undivided attention. Charter buses are big and noticeable already, and school buses feature plenty of lights and signs to make it easier …Read More

Packing Essentials For A Long Bus Ride

Travelling via charter is one of the safest and most comfortable means of getting to your destination — especially if you’re going on a long trip with a large group. It’s more affordable than an airplane and allows you to bring more baggage without accumulating extra charges. Long bus rides, however, can be taxing, and …Read More

Summer in the City: Family-Friendly Events in Toronto

Summertime in Toronto is jam-packed with tons of awesome family-friendly events to attend. From tots to preteens, there’s something fun for every child. Many of them are fun for adults too so you can have family days all summer long. Kids that love dogs and animals will go crazy for the CNE Kids’ World. Kids …Read More

Get There the Green Way: How Travelling as a Group Reduces Air Pollution

As congestion increases within our cities, more and more Canadians are looking for ways to combat the effects of smog and pollution. Drivers have the opportunity to make a real difference through simple, everyday changes. For anyone who wants to get there the “green” way, buses are an obvious choice. Taking the bus to work …Read More

12 Ways to Keep Entertained During a Long Bus Ride

Are you embarking on a long bus journey on board a bus? Although road trips are a great experience, the long hours of driving and sitting still can still drag. Driving in Northern Ontario provides numerous breathtaking vistas and interesting locales, but you do become accustomed to the scenery, and then the reality of a …Read More