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The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Bus

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When you imagine a perfect wedding day, most couples think of arriving in a limo, or horse-drawn carriage, and driving off into the sunset in a beautiful vehicle. One thing you may not have considered is how your wedding party and guests will get to your wedding!

If you have a destination wedding, lots of out of town guests, or a large wedding party, you may want to consider hiring a wedding, or party bus. A bus can take the stress out of travel. You can make sure everyone arrives on time, and get your guests home safe at the end of the night. Here are some ideas for planning travel on your wedding day, and the benefits of mass transportation.

1. Better Logistics

Careful planning is vital for a successful wedding. If your wedding is in a remote location, at multiple locations or doesn’t have ample parking, or has expensive parking, it can be stressful for your guests. Why not make it easy for everyone, and hire a wedding bus? A wedding bus will ensure everyone gets there on time, not one gets lost, and everyone gets home safe at the end of the night.

  • For The Wedding Party
    You’ve already ordered matching dresses, and made arrangements for hair and make-up, why not hire a bus to transport your wedding party to the wedding all together? Arriving by bus means you can guarantee that no one in your party will sleep in and miss the ceremony, or get lost on the way to the reception.Planning pictures between the ceremony and the reception? Make your photoshoot fun and easy by loading everyone into the bus. You can get to your location as a group, take the photos and be sure everyone makes it back on time for the reception. Ask your photographer to join you on the bus for some fun candid party photos!

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  • For Your Guests
    Be sure to let your guests know ahead of time that there will be transportation provided so that they can make arrangements. Many people will assume they are responsible for their own transportation.It is also important to communicate where and when the bus pick-ups and drop-offs will be so they can be sure to get there on time. Also, make it clear when the last shuttle is leaving. There is nothing worse than waiting for hours late at night, only to find out the last bus has left.If you have a wedding website with information about your day, make sure the transportation information is also there and easy to see. Post a bus schedule with precise times and locations, so everyone knows what to expect. If you have guests that are staying at different hotels, be sure to let them know where the pick-up locations are, so they can get there on time.

2. Improved Convenience

  • No Parking Worries
    Some venues have football-field-sized parking lots, but if you are planning a wedding in a smaller location such as your aunt’s backyard garden, there may not be room for your guests to park. Hire a bus to transport your guests from an easy to access parking area to your location.If you have a venue that is out of town, have a lot of out-of-town guests, or a destination wedding that is harder to get to, providing transportation for your guests is a thoughtful thing to do. A wedding bus takes the stress out of your guests finding the location and saves your aunt’s lawn.

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  • A Destination Wedding
    If you have a destination wedding, many of your guests will be unfamiliar with how to get to location and reception venues. Out-of-town guests may not even have access to vehicles to get them around. If you have multiple locations or want to have guests join you for pictures in an alternate spot, it can be stressful for your guests to get around and find parking.
    Make sure your guests arrive homeIf your out-of-town guests are staying at the same hotel, make it easy for everyone by picking them up, right at the hotel. You can also add other stops along the way to make it easy and convenient for everyone. This is also a great way to make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the night.

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3. Keeping It Fun!

  • Fun For The Wedding Party
    Take the party on the road. The fun doesn’t have to stop just because you are on the bus. Many bus companies offer special wedding buses that you can decorate with your own style. Ask your driver to play a special music playlist and start dancing on the bus!Make it a party! Bring drinks and snacks along for your wedding party on the road. Depending on the company, you may even be able to bring beer, wine or cooler of your unique signature cocktail.With a party bus for your wedding party, you can make sure everyone gets there on time, has a great time and a bus takes the stress out of driving and parking. You can also be sure that everyone makes it home safely at the end of the night.
    make it fun and easy
  • Fun For Your Guests, Too
    If there is time to fill in between the ceremony and reception, consider providing your guests with a bus tour of the local area with a knowledgeable tour guide. Your out-of-town guests will appreciate the thought and will get to do some sightseeing.Of course, a bus is also a safe alternative to a taxi at the end of the night for guests who might be drinking.

4. It is Better For The Environment

Travelling as a group is a great way to lower your carbon footprint and reduce air pollution. Taking a bus means fewer cars on the road going to your wedding and reception. Hiring a coach for your special day is a great way to make an eco-friendly choice for your wedding party and your guests.

5. It’s Better For Your Budget, Too

Many bus companies offer group discounts, and prices are often based on the number of people being transported. If you have a large group, ask for a discount. Buses are also comparable to providing taxi services for guests at the end of the night. By providing transportation, you will be saving your guests money and saving yourself a lot of stress.

If you are planning a wedding in Toronto, Brampton or Mississauga, talk to Parkinsons Coach Lines about hiring us to handle all the transportation on your special day. We have small party buses for your wedding party, large coaches that can handle all your guests, and can even pick your guests up from the airport in our airport shuttle.

Visit our services page to review what we can provide for your special day, and call today to request a custom quote (905-451-4776). We’d love to help make your day a special one.