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Plan Your Springtime Shaw and Stratford Trips Today Or Do Some Off-Season Activities When Theatres Close

Ontario is fortunate to have two renowned theatre festivals within a short drive from Toronto. The Stratford and Shaw festivals offer world class productions of musicals and plays, and are a population destination for theatre lovers and student groups. Both the towns of Stratford and Niagara-on-the-Lake have excellent restaurants and additional tourist attractions. In October, …Read More

Mississauga’s Musical Mardi Gras: September’s Blues and Jazz Festival

The Southside Shuffle turned 20 in 2018. Since the first Shuffle in 1999, the event grew from a single stage event to four. It has now taken over Port Credit Memorial Park and spills to the street with the “Street Shuffle” on Saturday. The Southside Shuffle traditionally happens each September in Mississauga. For those lucky …Read More

How to Plan a Big Family Reunion

A reunion provides family members the perfect opportunity to rekindle relationships, strengthen bonds, get to know newer members, and create fond memories. However, the planning can be challenging! Big events require meticulous organizing, scheduling, and compromise. A successful family reunion can be worth all the work. Here are some tasks to add to your “to-do” …Read More

TIFF Is Here! Attending the Toronto International Film Festival

Movie buffs and film enthusiasts, get ready! The Toronto International Film Festival opens its doors September 6 through September 16. This year, amazing films from around the world will receive screenings at locations around the downtown core. One of the interesting features of the festival is the “Pitch This!” programme, where six teams of emerging …Read More

The Toronto Summer Music Festival: A Must-see

Since 2006, the Toronto Summer Music Festival has hosted a four-week long festival featuring chamber music concerts and solo recitals from Canadian and international musicians. It’s a great opportunity to sample some incredible music from around the world, and is a must see for all music aficionados. Events are held in venues all over Toronto, …Read More