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How to Plan Your Spring Wedding Transportation

Horse-drawn carriages and limousines are what most people think of when it comes to wedding transportation. However, hiring a coach service for weddings is the more efficient option. You need to consider timing, size, and availability for your spring wedding. There’s also something to be said for vehicles that you must step up into. If …Read More

5 Great Road Trips to Take in Northern Ontario

Taking a road trip can be one of life’s more enjoyable adventures; and renting a minibus coach service with family and/or friends can eliminate the stress of navigation and driving and leave everyone free to enjoy the trip and each other’s company. Bring as much luggage as you want; there’s plenty of storage space. Visit, …Read More

Nine Helpful Tips for Planning a School Field Trip

Field trips are a great tool in a teacher’s kit; they let you get the kids out of the classroom and give them some hands-on learning. However, organizing any outing — whether a bus tour or a field trip — takes a bit of work. There’s plenty of preparatory work involved in planning a trip, …Read More

Great Road Trips to Take in Southern Ontario

There’s nothing like the joy of the open road on your way to a new destination. What would make it better is if you could leave the driving to someone else—and bring all your friends with you! If you’re considering a road trip in Ontario, going on a bus tour or renting a bus and …Read More

Charter Bus Etiquette Tips

Motorcoaches are a convenient way of getting around major cities, for both local residents and tourists. But whether you have a specific destination in mind or are sightseeing, there are always rules to follow when renting a bus. You will be sharing space with other travellers. Even if you are all are part of the …Read More