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Parkinson Coach Lines Blog Section

How Drivers Handle Mechanical Problems

From time to time, mechanical failures happen on buses. In case of an engine issue, don’t panic. Charter bus services and their drivers have procedures in place to keep passengers and other drivers safe. If your bus encounters any mechanical problems, here are some things the driver will do to handle the situation: Come to …Read More

Best Snacks to Serve on a Bus Trip

Planning a charter bus trip requires more than hiring a bus; you also have to think about your passengers’ needs. On a long trip, everyone can go hours between meals, and limited space makes eating some foods impossible. Here are some convenient, easy-to-eat foods while travelling. Some of the best snacks for bus trips include: …Read More

School Bus Safety Tips

When it comes to your kids, school bus companies and their drivers make child safety a priority. However, there are things you can do to make trips safer for your kids, especially when entering or exiting the bus. Safety tips when riding a school bus include: Arriving early – Be at the stop at least …Read More

Fun Toronto Summer Attractions

Toronto has many attractions for tourists this summer, including parks, festivals, and various locations open year-round. Some of these sites can be found all over Toronto, making getting around town difficult and stressful for out-of-towners. Book a charter bus service to save yourself from traffic and other hassles. Avoid inconvenience and enjoy your trip. Some …Read More

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Charter Bus

When hiring a service, make sure that it’s a reliable one before signing a contract. In the case of bus or coach service, ask questions so you can judge how safe their buses and drivers  are before you start. This also gives you a chance to understand all the costs involved so you can budget …Read More